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Friday, 2016-12-09

A Nano-Roundabout for Light

Für den anderen Atomzustand bewegt sich Licht im Kreisverkehr gegen den Uhrzeigersinn

At TU Wien, it was possible to create a nanoscale optical element that regulates the flow of light particles at the intersection of two glass fibers like a roundabout. A single atom was used to control the light paths. More

Tuesday, 2016-12-06

Geraldine Fitzpatrick selected as ACM Distinguished Member

Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Prestigious distinction for the Head of the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology More

Tuesday, 2016-11-22

New Quantum States for Better Quantum Memories

Ein künstlicher Diamant unter dem optischen Mikroskop. Da der Diamant viele Stickstoff Fehlstellen enthält, fluoresziert er in roter Farbe.

How can quantum information be stored as long as possible? An important step forward in the development of quantum memories has been achieved by a research team of TU Wien. More

Tuesday, 2016-11-15

Controlling Electrons in Time and Space

Laserpulse werden auf eine Metallspitze geschossen und lösen Elektronen heraus.

Sharp metal needles can be used to emit electrons. A quantum effect opens up new possibilities of controlling electron emission with extremely high accuracy. More

Friday, 2016-11-11

Two Paths at Once: Watching the Buildup of Quantum Superpositions

Ein Helium-Atom kann auf zwei verschiedene Arten ionisiert werden.

Scientists observe how quantum superpositions build up in a helium atom within femtoseconds. Just like in the famous double-slit experiment, there are two ways to reach the final outcome. More

Monday, 2016-11-07

Watching Quantum Jumps

Ein kurzer Laserpuls ionisiert ein Helium-Atom und kann den Zustand des verbleibenden Elektrons verändern.

Scientists from TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) and Germany present the most accurate time measurements of quantum jumps to date. More

Thursday, 2016-11-03

Nanostructures Made of Pure Gold

Nanostruktur aus Gold

It is the Philosopher’s Stone of Nanotechnology: using a technological trick, scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) have succeeded in creating nanostructures made of pure gold. More

Monday, 2016-10-24

3D-Printed Magnets

Christian Huber (l) und Dieter Süss (r).

How can you produce a magnet with exactly the right magnetic field? TU Wien has a solution: for the first time, magnets can be made with a 3D printer. More

Thursday, 2016-10-20

The quantum sniffer dog

Versuchsaufbau: Der Laser (rechts) sendet sein Licht durch einen Testbehälter, danach wird es von einem Spiegel (links) reflektiert und gelangt zurück.

A laser and detector in one: a microscopic sensor has been developed at TU Wien, which can be used to identify different gases simultaneously. More

Wednesday, 2016-10-12

New ERC Grant at TU Wien

Jan Kunes

The solid state physicist Jan Kuneš is relocating his research project from Prague to Vienna, bringing another ERC Consolidator Grant to TU Wien. He is working on exotic magnetic transitions. More

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