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Donnerstag, 2014-04-24

Current Trends in Computer Science

Current Trends in Computer Science

Also this semester, outstanding professors visit the Faculty of Informatics and give lectures on their research fields in computer science.Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-04-22

Steering Chemical Reactions with Laser Pulses

Laser amplifier, used to create intense ultra-short pulses

With ultra-short laser pulses, chemical reactions can be controlled at the Vienna University of Technology. Electrons have little mass and are therefore influenced by the laser, whereas the atomic nuclei are much heavier and are...Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-04-22

Stop! In the Name of Carbon

Elisabeth Gruber working with an Atomic Force Microscope

A bullet fired through a block of wood will slow down. In a similar way, ions are decelerated when they pass through a solid material: the thicker the material, the larger the energy loss will be. However, this picture breaks...Mehr

Mittwoch, 2014-04-16

Searching for Dark Energy with Neutrons

Gravity resonance spectrometer at the Vienna University of Technology

It does not always take a huge accelerator to do particle physics: First results from a low energy, table top alterative takes validity of Newtonian gravity down by five orders of magnitude and narrows the potential properties...Mehr

Mittwoch, 2014-04-09

Tiny Step Edges, Big Step for Surface Science

Tiny step edges on titanium oxide surfaces

Experiments at the Vienna University of Technology can explain the behaviour of electrons at tiny step edges on titanium oxide surfaces. This is important for solar cell technology and novel, more effective catalysts.Mehr

Donnerstag, 2014-03-27

Ultra-Thin Light Detectors

Schematic of the detector: the metamaterial couples the incident light to the semiconductor, and then it can be converted into an electric signal.

A new, extremely thin kind of light detectors was created at Vienna University of Technology. Two very different technologies were combined for the first time: metamaterials and quantum cascade structures.Mehr

Mittwoch, 2014-03-19

In Szene setzen – On Stage Vienna 2014!


The exhibition “In Szene setzen – On Stage Vienna 2014!” focuses on the careers of gender sensitive female experts in politics, administration, planning practice and universities in Austria.Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-03-18

High-Strengh Materials from the Pressure Cooker

Miriam Unterlass (l) and Bettina Baumgartner (r)

A Surprise in Materials Chemistry: At Vienna University of Technology, materials for lightweight construction, protective clothing or sports equipment can be produced at high temperatures and high pressures. This process is...Mehr

Montag, 2014-03-10

Atomically Thin Solar Cells

Thomas Müller, Marco Furchi, Andreas Pospischil (left to right)

Ultrathin layers made of Tungsten and Selenium have been created at the Vienna University of Technology. Experiments show that they may be used as flexible, semi-transparent solar cells.Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-03-04

Electronics Based on a Two Dimensional Electron Gas

Atomic structure of SrTiO3(110)

A new material could open the door to a new kind of electronics: researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a stable two-dimensional electron gas in strontium titanate.Mehr

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