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Friday, 2016-01-29

The Quantum Fridge

Bernhard Rauer im Labor

It all comes down to quantum physics: scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) have analysed why some gases can be cooled down to extremely low temperatures. More

Tuesday, 2016-01-26

Solving Hard Quantum Problems: Everything is Connected

Bose-Einstein-Kondensate, die Wellen schlagen: Ein Vielteilchen-Phänomen

Quantum objects cannot just be understood as the sum of their parts. This is what makes quantum calculations so complicated. Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) have now calculated Bose-Einstein-condensates, revealing the secrets of the particles’... More

Friday, 2016-01-22

Facility Management goes international


Professional MBA Facility Management offered in English More

Tuesday, 2016-01-19

High-performance material polyimide for the first time with angular shape

Salzkristalle unterm Mikroskop

Using a new synthesis procedure developed at TU Wien, it is now possible to produce the extremely resistant material polyimide in the form of angular particles for the first time. More

Friday, 2016-01-08

Schahram Dustdar elevated to IEEE Fellow

Schahram Dustdar

Prestigious distinction for Head of Distributed Systems Group for his research in Internet Technologies More

Wednesday, 2015-12-23

Beautiful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year

Frohe Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! More

Monday, 2015-12-21

Surface physics: How water learns to dance

Der Tanz der Atome

Pole dancing water molecules – Researchers at the TU Wien have seen this remarkable phenomenon on the surface of an important technological material. More

Monday, 2015-12-14

Nanoscale One-Way-Street for Light

An optical device at nanoscale which allows light to pass in only one direction has been developed at TU Wien (Vienna). It consists of alkali atoms which are coupled to ultrathin glass fibres. More

Friday, 2015-12-04

Networking platform "More than I can"

"Mehr als ich kann"

On 15 December 2015 Gabriele Allmer will give a lecture titled Formen der gesetzlichen Vertretungen: Patientenverfügung, Sachwalterschaft, Vorsorgevollmacht, Angehörigenvertretung (Types of legal representation: living will, guardianship, health care... More

Thursday, 2015-12-03

Status report & invitation Forum TU Vision 2025+

TU Vision 2025+

The Status report is online available. A "Forum TU Vision 2025+" will be held on December 14. More

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