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Monday, 2016-05-23

Gigantic Ultrafast Spin Currents

Ein Laserpuls trifft auf Nickel (grün). Elektronen, deren Spin nach oben zeigt (rot) wechseln in das Silizium (gelb). Aus dem Silizium wechseln Elektronen beider Spinrichtungen zurück in die Nickel-Schicht.

Scientists from TU Wien (Vienna) are proposing a new method for creating extremely strong spin currents. They are essential for spintronics, a technology that could replace today’s electronics. More

Friday, 2016-05-20

Graphene: a Quantum of Current

Florian Libisch

When current comes in discrete packages: Viennese scientists unravel the quantum properties of the carbon material graphene. More

Tuesday, 2016-05-17

How do trees go to sleep?

Auch Bäume haben einen Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus

Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary are using laser scanners to study the day-night rhythm of trees. As it turns out, trees go to sleep too. More

Wednesday, 2016-04-20

More space to soak up the sun

Plattformen, die stabil auf dem Wasser treiben

Hundred-metre long platforms which remain steady and stable in rough sea weather: TU Wien’s lightweight construction creates new space for solar energy out on the water. More

Monday, 2016-04-18

TU Diversity Project 2016


There will be special opportunities relating to the various items under "Diversity", as part of the human resources development programme. Please register now! More

Wednesday, 2016-03-30

Cyber-physical Systems: The World is Going Smart

From computer chips triggering an airbag to smart cities: “cyber-physical systems” are changing our world. During CPS-week (April 11 -14. 2016), the international scientific community comes together in Vienna. More

Tuesday, 2016-04-05

Hydrogen makes the natural gas network greener

Versuchsanlage HylyPure an der TU Wien

Hydrogen from the natural gas pipeline – a separation technique developed by TU Wien is opening up new possibilities for our natural gas network and improves the ecological balance of hydrogen fuel cells. More

Monday, 2016-04-04

New concrete tower construction method for wind turbines

Die hohlen Beton-Doppelwandelemente werden mit Hilfe eines Krans exakt aufeinander gestapelt und dann vor Ort mit Beton ausgegossen.

The new concrete tower construction method, which has been developed by TU Wien, offers significant benefits specifically for wind turbines. More

Wednesday, 2016-03-23

A laser look at ultra-thin layers

Polarisationsmodulation eines Lasers mit photoelastischem Kristall

From the coating of electronic or pharmaceutical products to thin plastic films – a new technique developed by TU Wien enables coating processes to be quality controlled in real time. More

Tuesday, 2016-03-22

TUKids&Care – Compatibility at TU Wien


TU Wien has established that tasks associated with reconciling family and job/research are part of its diversity strategy for which the HR Development &Health Department is responsible. More

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