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Johannes Fröhlich, Vice Rector for Research

Johannes Fröhlich, Vice Rector for Research

Research at TU Wien - Developing Excellence

With its eight faculties - mathematics and geo-information, physics, technical chemistry, informatics, civil engineering, architecture and regional planning, mechanical engineering and business science, electrical engineering and information technology – the Vienna University of Technology covers the classic engineering disciplines.

The TU Wien has a great pool of specialists who are acting in a wide range of different topics in research, teaching and as partners of the economy. More than 3000 scientists do their research and teaching at highly advanced and modern institutes – in summary about 52. Although fundamental research has priority at the TU Wien applied research is also done. Moreover services are offered as high-tech problem solving and examination expertise for industry and economy. Innovation orientated companies are highly interested in co-operating with the Vienna University of Technology because of its high-tech and high-quality research and its openness for requests of the economy.

The Vienna University of Technology puts great emphasis on co-operation between its own institutes as well as with other universities. Therefore the TU Vienna participates in several European Union (EU) and other research programmes.

The aim of the university was and still is to belong to the best. The effort to reach this aim is also expressed in its mission statement: With the aim of providing technology for people, our mission is to develop scientific excellence and wide-ranging competence in our students.


Montag, 2014-10-20

Winning by Losing

Two circular Raman lasers are coupled and supplied with energy through an optical fiber (see yellow line).

A seemingly paradoxical laser effect, which had been predicted by scientists from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) has now been confirmed by a new experiment, published in „Science“.Mehr

Montag, 2014-10-06

Nanoparticles Break the Symmetry of Light

Light hits a gold particle, which then emits light into a glass fibre - into only one direction.

Nanoparticles can emit light into ultra-thin glass fibres. Physicists at the Vienna University of Technology have now managed to select the direction of the light using an unusual kind of coupling between spin and the direction...Mehr

Dienstag, 2014-09-23

Branislav Husár (1981 – 2014)

Branislav Husár (1981 – 2014)

We are saddened by the loss of our colleague Dr. Branislav Husár, who passed away last week due to heart failure. Mehr

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