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Center for Promotion of Women and Gender Studies

The Center for Promotion of Women and Gender Studies at Vienna University of Technology was established in January 2005. It is a service facility with two basic fields of activity. These are  promoting women on the one hand, and on the other hand initiating, strengthening and institutionalising women and gender studies and research at the Vienna University of Technology.

The sphere of action of the Center covers:

  • Conception and implementation of projects on woman-specfic personnel development for female employees at the TU Vienna.
  • Coordination of the gender studies offer in individual curricula
  • and documentation of gender research and research on gender equality between women and men.
  • Cooperation and networking with university institutions, extramural institutions, economy and industry on questions of the promotion of women and equal opportunities.


  • on questions of women's policies.
  • on exsisting measures of promotion as well as ongoing and planned projects of promoting women. 
  • on achievements of university professionals in the area of women and gender studies which are hardly visible otherwise, and on opportunities of self-presentation for female scientists. 
  • Counselling on careers at the university.
  • as point of contact in cases of sexual harassment and mobbing.