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Technology for People

Our mission is "technology for people". Through our research we "develop scientific excellence",
through our teaching we "enhance comprehensive competence".

TU Wien (TUW) is located in the heart of Europe, in a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. For more than 200 years, TU Wien has been a place of research, teaching and learning in the service of progress. TU Wien is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution.

Prof. Silke Bühler-Paschen

How to Freeze Heat Conduction


Physicists have discovered a new effect, which makes it possible to create excellent thermal insulators which conduct electricity. Such materials can be used to convert waste heat into electrical energy.

Karsten Held (l.) und Motoharu Kitatani vor einer Tafel mit Berechnungen

Superconduction: Why does it have to be so cold?


Currently, there is no precise computation method to describe superconducting materials. TU Wien has now made a major advance towards achieving this goal and, at the same time, has furthered an understanding of why conventional materials only become...

Der neue Rollstuhl, entwickelt an der TU Wien

New Wheelchair Design: a Hand Gear for better Ergonomics


Using biomedical modelling, researchers at TU Wien have developed a completely new type of wheelchair. Specially designed handles make the drive more efficient and ergonomic.

Invitation to participate in the Vienna Young Scientists Symposium 2019 (VSS 2019)


Submission deadlien for Extended Abstracts is March 4, 2019.

Synthetisierte 13-nm Goldnanopartikel VOR (links) und NACH (rechts) der Funktionalisierung mit spezifischen DNA-Detektorsonden, die der Signalgebung am Streifentest dienen.

Where does this contamination come from?


When bodies of water become polluted, it is important to find the cause as quickly and as economically as possible. To this end, TU Wien has now developed a new, DNA-based rapid testing procedure.