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Alumni & Career

The support of students in career planning and the maintenance of contact with its graduates is a great concern of the TU Vienna.
In the future, the service offerings should be differentiated according to life phases, beginning with a person’s studies, continuing through their entry into professional life and their further career, on through to their senior years.
These tasks will be performed at the TU Vienna by the following service providers:

TU Wien alumni club – The Alumni Service of the TU Vienna

According to its legal duty, the TU Vienna has initiated the development of professional alumni support. Here, existing networks will be incorporated and expanded successively. The "TU Wien alumni club" will perform all required tasks as your contact person.  
The concept: "Advancement of the TU Vienna and its graduates"

Active contact and a relationship network between the TU Vienna, the alumni, business and the public will be maintained: Furthermore, professional opportunities for students and graduates of the TU Vienna will be advanced thanks to advising them regarding career entry and change as well as supporting them regarding employability.
The advancement of science and research at the TU Vienna thanks to impulses from practice and the gaining of sponsors for projects at the TU Vienna are also on the agenda.

The advantages of a personal membership:

  • Making valuable personal and professional relationships with former fellow students, teachers at the TU Vienna and companies
  • Graduate magazine "Bulletin"
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Personal area on the TUalumni platform:   
  • Discounts for TU ball, TU orchestra, museums (e.g. MUMOK), further training, TU Career Center, etc.
  • Opportunities to attend attractive events: Career and personality-related events, informational meetings with business planners, Cont_ACT, special tours of the MUMOK, etc.

The advantages of a corporate membership:

  • Links to the TU network (expertise of the TU Vienna)
  • Listing in the member directory at
  • Participation in our regular events and cultural events
  • Subscription to the graduate magazine "Bulletin" as well as to the monthly TUalumni newsletter
  • Discounts for advertisement in the "Bulletin" and for agency-provided services of the TU Career Center
  • Preferred opportunity for participation in the TUday -- the job trade fair of the TU Vienna as well as TUtheTOP -- the high-potential programme of the TU Vienna

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TU Career Center – The Career Service of the TU Vienna

Your success is a question of our technology!

The TU Career Center is located at Austria’s largest educational and research institution for technical and technical-scientific courses of study; with its numerous services, it assists more than 23,000 students and approximately 2400 graduates each year.
The primary task of the Career Center is to assist the students and graduates of the TU Vienna in their career entry and in making career changes with advising and training services individually tailored to their personal needs.
From the first semesters of their studies to their effective entry into professional life and even beyond, the TU Career Center is the initial intake point for all questions relating to the topics of job application and job search. On the other hand, the TU Career Center functions as an interface between the university and business and offers national and international companies custom-tailored solutions for the recruiting of graduates directly from the TU Vienna as well as target group-oriented higher education marketing.

Services for students:

  • Job market
  • Events
  • Newsletter
  • Coaching & Training

Services for companies:

  • Job market – highest target group orientation at fair prices
  • Recruiting – access to one of the most-desired target groups on the job market
  • Employer branding
  • Advertising at the TU Vienna
  • OnCampus events

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