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Doctoral Program

Information regarding the application for the final exam (Rigorosum) can be found here.

The doctoral program involves the completion of coursework towards deepening the scientific knowledge of the doctoral student, the writing of a doctoral thesis and the defence of the doctoral thesis.

The coursework must be thematically related to the doctoral thesis and has to be approved by the supervisor and the Dean of Studies beforehand.

Please consider the guidelines regarding the validity of the courses suited for a doctoral program.

We would like to point out, that the "Code of Conduct" (scroll down for the english version) also applies to doctoral students.              

The topic of the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Dean of Studies. Please use the form  Dissertationsvereinbarung (Announcement of a doctoral thesis). This form, together with a description of the intended thesis, has to be delivered to the Office of the Dean before starting the thesis.

Additionally the topic has to be registered in the TISS-Informationssytem.

Ask your supervisior to register the topic of your thesis. Please deliver the printout together with the form mentioned above to the Office of the Dean.

Further information regarding the supervision, assesment, grading and the final exam can be found in our information sheet.


Forms regarding the doctoral program can be found in the section Download.

Graduation ceremony (Promotion)

The graduation ceremony is organized by the legal department. Further information can be found here (german only).