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Welcome to TU OnlineMentoring

TU OnlineMentoring for interested female pupils and first year students

• Would you like to know how it feels to be a student at the Vienna University of Technology?
• Would you like to hear about it from someone who studies here?

                                  Then our OnlineMentoring is exactly right for you!

Via our OnlineMentoring offer, you can contact a female student at the Vienna University of Technology, you can hear about a student's day to day life, you'll get answers to your questions and you can find out what your mentor finds important at this university, and what she likes best.

How can you participate in OnlineMentoring? How to you become a mentee?

Mentee applications are open all year round.

And it is very simple: Please fill in the participants' form for pupils or for students – if you have already enrolled at the university – and mail it back to us. You will find the proper form on this page, top right with the downloads.

The OnlineMentoring team will then find a suitable student for you (= your mentor), explain the programme's rules to you, and then link you to your mentor via your email address.
Then you can start sending her emails!

We hope you will have an interesting exchange of questions, answers and experience!

Any questions?
Please contact us: Sabine or Vera at