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Tuesday, 2018-10-09

Bioethanol in diesel engines: a contribution to sustainability

Mit Bio-Ethanol betriebener Motor am Prüfstand der TU Wien

Ethanol can make an important contribution to climate protection: at TU Wien, a diesel engine has been developed that can run on over 70% bioethanol. More

Monday, 2018-10-08

String Theory: Is Dark Energy even Allowed?

Die ESA-Mission Euclid könnte neue Einblicke in fundamentale Fragen der Stringtheorie liefern. [1]

A new conjecture causes excitement in the string theory community. Timm Wrase of the Vienna University of Technology has now published much-discussed results on recent new developments. More

Wednesday, 2018-10-03

A Warmer Spring Leads to Less Plant Growth in Summer

Matthias Forkel

It’s bad news for the climate: plants start growing earlier in the spring but, contrary to popular belief, this results in considerably less CO2 absorption. This is shown in a study published in the journal “Nature” with the participation of TU Wien.... More

Tuesday, 2018-10-02

TU Wien and University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien launch joint doctoral programme

Generalsekretär Jakob Calice, Rektorin Sabine Seidler, Rektor Fritz Schmöllebeck, Generalsekretär Christoph Neumayer

With this pilot project on ‘Resilient Embedded Systems’, the two universities are creating an institutional way to provide a joint, high-quality doctorate education and undertake joint research. More

Thursday, 2018-09-27

Better Imaging Using Sound

Aufnahme einzelner Moleküle – mit Hilfe von Schall

A new, extremely promising microscopy technique called "Nanomechanical scanning absorption microscopy" has been developed at TU Wien, in which sound is measured instead of light. More

Wednesday, 2018-09-26

EU Research Mobility Actions for Host Organisations

The European and International Research Support invites experienced researchers to the seminar „Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions in Horizon 2020 - How to Write a Proposal for MSCA Innovative Training Networks (ITN-2019)“. More

Monday, 2018-09-24

A new remedy for celiac disease symptoms

Vom Antikörper (links) braucht man nur das Fragment, das an Gluten bindet (rot). Daraus kann man dann ein Medizinprodukt herstellen, das keine Immunreaktion auslöst (rechts).

In an industrial collaboration project, TU Wien has developed a medication that can alleviate or even completely eliminate the symptoms of celiac disease. It should be available in only a few years. More

Friday, 2018-09-21

Learn Chinese – a language with success prospects

"New Skills" mit TU-blauer Kreide an eine Tafel geschrieben

The special seminar of TU Wien is held again this fall. More

Friday, 2018-09-21

Call For Applications: Helmut Veith Stipend for Female Master's Students in Computer Science

Preisträgerin 2018 Hanna Lachnitt und Prof. Kurt Matyas (Vizerektor für Studium und Lehre)

Female students who are awarded a scholarship receive EUR 6000 annually for a duration of up to two years. Deadline: November 30, 2018 More

Wednesday, 2018-09-19

How Long does a Quantum Jump Take?

Ein Laserpuls trifft die Wolfram-Oberfäche, auf der Iod-Atome aufgebracht sind. Sowohl Wolfram- als auch Jod-Atome verlieren Elektronen, die dann gemessen werden.

With the help of sophisticated experiments and calculations by the Vienna University of Technology, it has now become possible to measure the duration of the famous photoelectric effect. More

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