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Friday, 2017-11-17

The Future of Computing

Future of Computing Logo

Recently five international high potential professors started their research at the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien. Their research areas cover an extensive bandwidth within the discipline that plays a key role in our society. More

Tuesday, 2017-11-14

Microscopic structures for vibration-resistant plugs

Ganz unterschiedliche Oberflächenstrukturen lassen sich mit Laserstrahlen herstellen.

In an Austrian-German research project, laser technology is being used to produce microscopic structures on electrical plugs in order to increase fail safety. More

Friday, 2017-11-10

The Path Length of Light in Opaque Media

Licht auf dem Weg durch eine Flüssigkeit: Im Falle einer transparenten Flüssigkeit (links) sind Lichtpfade geradlinig. Im Falle einer Trübung durch Nanopartikel (rechts) werden Lichtpfade durch Streuung komplizierter. Manche der Pfade werden dadurch länger

A seemingly paradoxical prediction in physics has now been confirmed in an experiment: No matter whether an object is opaque or transparent, the average length of the light’s paths through the object is always the same. More

Friday, 2017-10-27

i²c STARTacademy 2018 – the Bootcamp 4 Scientists

Die Teilnehmer_innen der i²c STARTacademy 2017.

Identifying market opportunities for potential spin-out ideas coming from research More

Monday, 2017-10-23

Investigating historic Japanese Architecture

Modell einer Daimyo-Residenz im Weltmuseum [1]

The TU Wien is planning a photogrammetric survey of historically important models of traditional Japanese buildings. One of them will be on display at the Weltmuseum Wien from October 25. More

Tuesday, 2006-05-02

Today: Diversity-TU-Day "A day for everyday diversity at TU Wien"

TU Wien Diversity Logo

At this event a wide range of diversity highlighting offers can be attended (e.g. an intercultural cooking workshop at the Mensa/ university canteen, an agesimulation suit, etc.). Come and join us and find out what TU Wien has to offer! More

Wednesday, 2017-10-18

VSC Training Courses: Parallel programming with MPI / OpenMP and parallel I/O

Want to boost your computer simulations by writing parallel code that runs efficiently on modern compute clusters? Join in for our courses in English and learn about parallel programming and how to do I/O efficiently on a supercomputer. More

Friday, 2017-10-06

IBPSA Distinguished Achievement Award for Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi

Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi

With this Award, Prof. Dr. Mahdavi has been recognized as a member of a select group of scholars in the field of building science, whose contributions have significantly advanced the state of pertinent knowledge. More

Tuesday, 2017-09-26

Fundamentals of US Funding and Sponsored Project Administration

Eva Björndal, Siegfried Huemer, Leslie Schmidt

The international workshop "Fundamentals of US Funding Opportunities and US Sponsored Project Administration" took place for the first time ever in Austria at TU Wien from September 18 till 19, 2017. More

Tuesday, 2017-09-26

Record-Breaking X-ray Laser Pulses: ERC Grant at TU Wien

Prof. Tenio Popmintchev

Tenio Popmintchev has been collaborating with the Photonics Institute at TU Wien for years – now he is joining the Institute, after being awarded a prestigious ERC Grant. More

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