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Thursday, 2017-12-14

Science and the quest for knowledge

Univ.Prof. Dr. A. Mahdavi im Diskurs mit einem der Gäste in der LVA Science and the quest for knowledge

A different kind of course by Professor Ardeshir Mahdavi. More

Wednesday, 2018-02-07

Rubber blanket at an atomic level

Untersuchungstechnik: Mit rotem Licht beleuchten, blaues Licht zurückbekommen

Stresses and strains can drastically alter the properties of a material, and TU Wien has now developed a method to make these internal deformations visible. More

Tuesday, 2018-02-06

Worm Uploaded to a Computer and Trained to Balance a Pole

Die analoge, natürliche Version: C.elegans

Is it a computer program or a living being? At TU Wien (Vienna), the boundaries become blurred. The neural system of a nematode was translated into computer code – and then the virtual worm was taught amazing tricks. More

Friday, 2018-02-02

Strange things happen when a crystal gets split in two

Das Team: Michele Reticcioli (Universität Wien), Jan Hulva, Ulrike Diebold, Martin Setvin, Michael Schmid (alle TU Wien), v.l.n.r.

When a crystal is broken along certain directions the atoms reorganize in amazing ways. Researchers in Vienna have watched this happen, and have learned to control it. More

Monday, 2018-01-29

Indian Sacred Texts and the Logic of Computer Ethics

Wissenschaftlich spannende Kombination: Die Veden und die Computerlogik

Can we teach ethical behaviour to machines? Computer Scientists in Vienna are studying ancient Sanskrit texts and using the tools of mathematical logic to describe ethical rules. More

Wednesday, 2018-01-24

New sensor for measuring electric field strength

So klein ist der Sensor: Vergleich mit einer ein-Cent-Münze

TU Wien has developed a sensor for measuring the strength of electric fields, which is much smaller, simpler and less prone to distortion than comparable devices. More

Tuesday, 2018-01-23

Vienna young Scientists Symposium: Call for abstracts

The third Vienna young Scientists Symposium (VSS) will take place on 7th and 8th of June 2018 in TUtheSky at TU Wien. More

Monday, 2018-01-22

TU Wien develops new semiconductor processing technology

Eine mit der neuen Methode bearbeitete Folie - die Struktur wurde so designt, dass grünes Licht durchgelassen wird.

TU Wien can now produce porous structures in monocrystalline silicon carbide. This opens up new possibilities for the realization of micro-and nanomachined sensors and electronic components, but also for integrated optical mirror elements to filter... More

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