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Thursday, 2017-07-27

It’s never too cold for quantum

Illustration quantenkritischer Effekte

The peculiar characteristics demonstrated by 'quantum critical points' at absolute zero remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of science. More

Thursday, 2017-07-13

Marine microplastics: many past studies contaminated

Mikroplastik aus dem Meer

Wherever you look, you are almost guaranteed to find tiny plastic particles. However, a study conducted by TU Wien has revealed that, in many cases, what is thought to be plastic found in samples of seawater may actually be natural fibres from lab... More

Wednesday, 2017-07-12

Nickel is Crucial for the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Konvektion und Corioliskraft führen zu komplizierten Strömungen im Erdinneren, die das Erdmagnetfeld verursachen. Das wäre ohne Nickel in dieser Form nicht möglich.

Scientists at TU Wien and Würzburg University are changing our idea of the earth’s magnetic field: iron alone cannot explain the concept of the geodynamo. The crucial ingredient is nickel. More

Tuesday, 2017-06-27

Satellite view of the drought in Kenya

Ein Satellit, der Mikrowellen-Daten liefert.

The situation in Kenya is serious – there has been too little rain for more than a year. With the aid of satellite data, TU Wien is measuring moisture content in the soil in order to better assess the risk of drought. More

Wednesday, 2017-06-21

CO2-neutral hydrogen from biomass

Die voestalpine forscht gemeinsam mit der TU Wien [1]

How to produce hydrogen from biomass is the subject of a joint research project by TU Wien and voestalpine. More

Monday, 2017-06-19

START Prize for Miriam Unterlass

START-Preisträgerin Miriam Unterlass

Chemist Miriam Unterlass has been awarded the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) START Prize for her work developing new production methods for high-performance materials. More

Tuesday, 2017-06-13

Bridges in Austria often exceed expectations

Patrick Huber und Tobias Huber beim Experiment

Assessing old bridges using modern standards is no mean feat. Studies conducted by TU Wien show that many bridges are actually significantly more stable than might be expected, often rendering costly restoration work unnecessary. More

Friday, 2017-06-02

JSPS Alumni Club Award for Dr. Iris Mach

Verleihung des Preises an Dr. Iris Mach

Dr. Iris Mach, head of the TU Wien research center JASEC, was recently awarded with the JSPS Alumni Club Award. More

Wednesday, 2017-05-24

VSC Training Course: Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP, June 8-9, 2017

VSC Training Course: Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP

Want to boost your computer simulations by writing parallel code that exploits modern multi-core CPUs and shared memory platforms? Join in for our 2 day course in English and learn how to do shared memory parallelization with OpenMP. More

Tuesday, 2017-05-23

Measured for the first time: direction of light waves changed by quantum effect

Andrei Pimenov, Anna Pimenov, Dr. Alexey Shuvaev, Evan Constable, Jan Gospodaric, Lorenz Bergen, Vlad Dziom, Lukas Weymann (im Uhrzeigersinn, beginnend oben)

The 'quantized magneto-electric effect' has been demonstrated for the first time in topological insulators at TU Wien, which is set to open up new and highly accurate methods of measurement. More

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