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Tuesday, 2011-03-01

The origin of productivity remains in the City

The trend towards urbanization continues – and it has positive effects on our economy, Prof. Edwin Deutsch from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) claims. More

Tuesday, 2011-02-15

Managing Alpine Future II

alpS would like to announce the second international conference “Managing Alpine Future II” (MAF II), in Innsbruck, 21 - 23 November 2011. The deadline for the call for abstracts is March 1, 2011. More

Tuesday, 2011-02-01

An Ice-Bar made from Pure Ice

A team of civil engineers from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) built an ice dome with 10 m diameter in Obergurgl using an ingenious construction method. More

Thursday, 2011-01-20

“Women in Physics, why so few?“

Prof. Dr. Petra Rudolf will give a talk to this topic. Please register until 25 January, 2011. More

Tuesday, 2011-01-11

International First: Gas-phase Carbonic Acid Isolated

A team of chemists headed by Thomas Loerting from the University of Innsbruck and Hinrich Grothe from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) have prepared and isolated gas-phase carbonic acid and have succeeded in characterizing the gas-phase... More

Friday, 2010-12-03

Governance of e-commerce and cyberspace

Prof. Dr. Dr. Erich Schweighofer (Centre of Legal Informatics, Vienna University) will give a talk about governance of e-commerce and cyberspace. He is specifically going to address the issue of the current Wikileaks scandal. More

Monday, 2010-11-22

“Towards a Distributed Search Engine”

The Distributed Systems Group of the Information Systems Institute invites to the following talk: “Towards a Distributed Search Engine” More

Friday, 2010-11-19

Theory of Relativity revisited: New force at large distances

Is there something missing from Einstein’s equations? Daniel Grumiller from the Vienna University of Technology is proposing a new model of gravity which could reconcile the theory of relativity with astronomical observation. More

Friday, 2010-11-12

Guest Lecture: David Lorge Parnas

Precise Software Documentation More

Wednesday, 2010-11-03

Falling birth-rate can bring prosperity

The population is ageing – and demographic change is also altering working life. However, according to studies by Vienna University of Technology, the effects could well be positive. More

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