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Monday, 2011-11-14

Welcome to the adventurous MBA journey

On October 25, 2011 the Welcome Reception of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation class 2011 – 2013 and other specializations of the PMBA took place at the MOYA at Palais Schönborn. More

Friday, 2011-10-28

Comet researchers meet at TU Vienna

From October 24-26, 2011, a group of 15 comet researchers from Germany, France, Finland and Austria met at the Institute of Chemical Engineering, TU Vienna. More

Monday, 2011-10-31

Mould Fungi Can Cure Plants

Genetic research at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) yields remarkable insights on mould fungi. This opens the door to the specialized use of fungi in agriculture. More

Wednesday, 2011-10-19

International Lecture Series 2011: “Achieving a sustainable and sustaining built environment”

The Interdisciplinary Centre of Spatial Simulation and Modelling, Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning invites to the International Lecture Series 2011 presenting international accredited scientists and... More

Monday, 2011-10-03

Saving Energy with the „Internet of Things“

Pacific Controls and the Vienna University of Technology are developing an “internet of things”. Automatic communication between electronic devices and infrastructures can save money and energy. More

Thursday, 2011-09-29

Useful information for Foreign Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology

The EU Research Support offers useful information to incoming scientists in order to facilitate their mobility experience in daily life. More

Monday, 2011-09-26

Synergies between Education, Research and Innovation

The 30th Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology took place at the Vienna University of Technology from September 23-24, 2011. More

Friday, 2011-09-02

Intensive and Trimester German Language Courses at TU Vienna

In September we offer an intensive course, during the winter semester you will have the possibility to attend a trimester course. More

Thursday, 2011-08-18

Bending Light the "Wrong" Way

Scientists have tried this with sophisticated meta-materials, but at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) it has now been done with simple metals; materials with a negative refractive index bend light the "wrong" way. More

Tuesday, 2011-08-16

Schnitzel is bad for the Environment

If you want to protect the environment, you should first of all think about eating less meat. A study done at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) unveils the remarkable ecological advantages of a well-balanced diet. Switching to organic... More

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