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Friday, 2008-08-08

Compliance-driven Models, Languages and Architectures for Services (COMPAS)

The COMPAS project will design and implement novel models, languages and an architectural framework to ensure compliance of services to design rules and regulations. COMPAS will use model-driven techniques, domain-specific languages and... More

Thursday, 2008-07-24

Wireless Cargo Monitoring System

The wireless container monitoring and tracking application is a very challenging application, because of the harsh operating environment and the unavailability of any main electric power supply system. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) will be...


Thursday, 2008-07-03

Millimeter-sized 'Bohr atom' is created

Nearly a century after Danish physicist Niels Bohr created the first model of the atom, U.S.-led physicists in cooperation with Vienna University of Technology say they've created millimeter-sized atoms. More

Thursday, 2008-06-26

Austria thrash Germany 10-0 in football match... using robots

The German football team may have squeaked through to the quarter-finals of Euro 2008 with a 1-0 victory over Austria. But their smaller neighbour has struck back with a definitive 10-0 win in robot football. It appears the alpine land known for its... More

Monday, 2008-06-23

Pumice as a Time Witness

A chemist of Vienna University of Technology demonstrates how chemical fingerprints of volcanic eruptions and numerous pumice lump finds from archaeological excavations illustrate relations between individual advanced civilisations in the Eastern... More

Tuesday, 2008-05-27

50% scholarship “Emerging Markets 2008“ for General Management MBA Program

On October 10, 2008 the postgraduate master program “General Management MBA“ starts already for the ninth time. This successful MBA program is conducted by the Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with the Danube University Krems. More

Monday, 2008-05-26

Chaotic Lasers Tamed

“Classical” laser light has become part of everyday life. There is a laser in every CD player, lecturers point to their slides with laser pointers and surgeons carry out medical operations with laser beams. Nevertheless there are numerous unusual... More

Tuesday, 2008-05-27

Mechanisms and applications of ligninolytic enzymes

Enzymatic functionalization is an attractive tool to provide a reactive interface for further processing of lignocellulosic materials, such as wood particles and fibers. A research group (Professor Ewald Srebotnik) from the Vienna University of... More

Wednesday, 2008-05-14

[Translate to English:] Stephan Turnovszky: Ein Techniker als neuer Wiener Weihbischof

[Translate to English:] Der Pfarrer von Baden-Leesdorf wird zweiter Weihbischof in Wien. Der ausgebildete Chemiker und Absolvent der TU Wien wird mit 43 Jahren am 12. Mai zu einem der jüngsten Bischöfe geweiht. More

Wednesday, 2008-05-14

[Translate to English:] ÖAW: "Junge Kurie" konstituiert

[Translate to English:] 53 NachwuchsforscherInnen in neu geschaffenes Gremium gewählt More

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