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Monday, 2011-04-18

Probing the Laws of Gravity: A Gravity Resonance Method

Quantum mechanical methods can now be used to study gravity: At the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), a measurement method was developed, which allows to test the fundamental theories of physics. More

Monday, 2011-04-11

Vening Meinesz Medal 2011: Harald Schuh

The Vening Meinesz Medal was awarded to Harald Schuh for his work in the field of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) and his important contribution to space geodetic research. More

Wednesday, 2011-04-06

Biologically Inspired Defenses: New Approaches to Computer Security

Prof. Dr. Michael Franz will give a talk on Friday, April 15. More

Tuesday, 2011-04-05

Atom and its Quantum Mirror Image

A team of physicists experimentally produces quantum-superpositions, simply using a mirror. More

Monday, 2011-04-04

Vienna Physicists Create Tap-Proof Waves

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) have developed a method to steer waves on precisely defined trajectories, without any loss. This way, sound waves could be sent directly to a target, avoiding possible eavesdroppers. More

Wednesday, 2011-03-30

Physicists rotate beams of light

Controlling the rotation of light – this amazing feat was accomplished at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), by means of a ultra thin semiconductor. This can be used to create a transistor that works with light instead of electrical... More

Tuesday, 2011-03-22

Cloud Computing: Joint Research Lab of the Distributed Systems Group and Pacific Controls

The "Pacific Controls Cloud Computing Research Lab" at Vienna University of Technology will be dedicated to research and development on ICT managed energy services solutions for buildings and infrastructure. More

Friday, 2011-03-04

First female Rector at Vienna University of Technology

The University Council of Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) appointed Sabine Seidler as new Rector today. On October 1 she will take over from Peter Skalicky, who has watched over the University for 20 years. More

Wednesday, 2011-03-02

Termination Analysis in Service Oriented Systems

Prof. Dr. Wolf Zimmermann will give a talk on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. More

Tuesday, 2011-03-01

The origin of productivity remains in the City

The trend towards urbanization continues – and it has positive effects on our economy, Prof. Edwin Deutsch from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) claims. More

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