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Friday, 2009-09-25

Education, dialogue or event? Requirements on target group orientated science communication

The international expert conference 'SciCom09' focusses on the players and target groups of science communication and seeks for successful measures and formats. More

Monday, 2009-06-22

Heart pump with air propulsion

A tiny heart catheter pump which supports the human heart in critical conditions while pumping has been developed at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). More

Thursday, 2009-05-28

Materials Science: metals with diamonds

An Inter-Faculty research team at the Vienna University of Technology is examining dimensionally stable and thermoconducting material combinations for nuclear fusion. More

Tuesday, 2009-04-21

TU Vienna starts PhD School of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) starts with an international PhD School of Informatics in October 2009. The PhD School is funded by TU Vienna, the City of Vienna as well as private sponsors. Each year a... More

Tuesday, 2009-02-03

Who cares about the fourth dimension?

Viennese scientists are trying to understand the mysteries of the holographic principle: How many dimensions are there in our universe? More

Friday, 2008-12-19

Sixteen-year-old Austrian graduates in computer science

By finishing his bachelor's degree in computer science at the age of 16, Marian Kogler has become Austria's youngest graduate, the Vienna University of Technology announced Tuesday.

When Kogler entered university at the age of 13, he received...


Monday, 2008-12-15

Kosovo: How the Future is Fashioned by a New Development Plan

In the Kosovian Municipality Suva Reka, a group of space designers from Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) tracked and escorted the transition from a catastrophic management to a regulated development planning. In cooperation with the... More

Monday, 2008-11-17

Soil moisture - the water stored in soil within reach of the plants - is a crucial parameter for a large number of appliactions.

Consequently, the field of microwave remote sensing of soil moisture has been an important research topic since the 1970s. But only in the last few years significant progress towards operational soil moisture services has been made. This progress...


Monday, 2008-11-17

When the Mountain slides down into the Valley

Rock avalanches and landslides, rock falls and slope slips are all contained in the concept of mass movements. The ever more intensive usage of the mountainous regions and the climate change are some of the causes for these natural erosion processes... More

Thursday, 2008-10-16

Optimized Radiation for Prostate Cancer Therapy

The determination of the precise anatomical location of a tumor is the prerequisite for setting optimal parameters for radiation treatment of prostate cancer. This approach guarantees that the ionizing radiation only destroys tumorous cells and does... More

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