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Thursday, 2010-02-11

Climate: A framework for future research and assessment (pp 747-756)

The paper entitled 'The Next Generation of Scenarios for Climate Change Research and Assessment' has been featured in this week's press release for Nature. A new generation of plausible future climate pathways is needed to improve understanding of... More

Tuesday, 2010-02-09

New European network for research and training in soft matter physics launched

Diverse soft and gooey materials, both natural and man-made, are increasingly being understood due to the work of scientists in Europe and beyond. Wet paint, mayonnaise and shaving foam are some examples that you might encounter today. Curiously they... More

Monday, 2010-01-18

Siegfried Selberherr selected by the European Research Council (ERC) in its second competition for "Advanced Grants"

In its second competition for established top researchers ("Advanced Grants"), the European Research Council (ERC) has selected 236 research leaders to perform their pioneering research throughout Europe. Professor Siegfried Selberherr is Austrias... More

Friday, 2009-10-30

A New "Space Age": Globalisation Is Shaping Urban Development

"Space" is defined and shaped by social forces. A project at the Vienna University of Technology is presently investigating how current changes in these forces are impacting on urban development. This project, backed by the Austrian Science Fund FWF,... More

Monday, 2009-10-19

Thorsten Schumm gets START-Award

Federal Minister Johannes Hahn has nominated 6 top researchers who will be funded with the START-Program of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Physicist Thorsten Schumm at the Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics of Vienna University of Technology... More

Tuesday, 2009-10-06

Shortest flashes from ultra-hot matter

High-energy heavy ion collisions, which are studied at RHIC in Brookhaven and soon at the LHC in Geneva, can be a source of light flashes of a few yoctoseconds duration (a septillionth of a second, 10-24 s, ys) - the time that light needs to traverse... More

Friday, 2009-09-25

Education, dialogue or event? Requirements on target group orientated science communication

The international expert conference 'SciCom09' focusses on the players and target groups of science communication and seeks for successful measures and formats. More

Monday, 2009-06-22

Heart pump with air propulsion

A tiny heart catheter pump which supports the human heart in critical conditions while pumping has been developed at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna). More

Thursday, 2009-05-28

Materials Science: metals with diamonds

An Inter-Faculty research team at the Vienna University of Technology is examining dimensionally stable and thermoconducting material combinations for nuclear fusion. More

Tuesday, 2009-04-21

TU Vienna starts PhD School of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) starts with an international PhD School of Informatics in October 2009. The PhD School is funded by TU Vienna, the City of Vienna as well as private sponsors. Each year a... More

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