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Additional Fields of Research

At TU Wien, Additional Fields are dedicated to significant and visible research fields in the areas of mathematics and architecture.

In the "Development and Advancement of the Architectural Arts" research field, TU Wien joins science and art together – essential for research and for teaching architecture.

A further research field of TU Wien is dedicated in particular to regional planning and development. "The European City – between Selforganization and Controllability" is an area that embraces many aspects, including socio-economic, political and judicial questions.

"Mathematical Methods in Economics" is a field that it is impossible to imagine modern mathematics being without. Fields such as economy, econometrics, finance or insurance mathematics require complex mathematical tools.

"Fundamental Mathematics Research" deals with questions of pure mathematics that are generally not derived from specific technological applications, but from curiosity about basic mathematics itself. Scientific history reveals how often such apparently non-applicable fields have enabled industrial research, for example research in partial differential equations, for which the "Vienna Center for Partial Differential Equations" has been established together with the University of Vienna.