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Research Focal Area Energy and Environment

Green Research

How do we solve the challenges of energy supply? What does climate change mean for us? How do we make sensible use of our resources and how do we keep the air and water clean? Research questions from the energy + environmental topics affect our lives directly. At the same time, this research focal area is the most interdisciplinary and most multi-faceted. All the faculties at TU Wien are participating in this research focal area. To encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, the "Energy + Environment" research centre was set up to collect, link and promote the existing research  initiatives in house.

In the future we shall get our electricity from many different energy sources. TU Wien is providing valuable research ideas for this – from water power to solar energy. In the field of biomass recovery, TU Wien has enjoyed international recognition for years. The pilot plants in Güssing, developed with  TU Wien know-how, have meanwhile achieved global recognition. Electricity generation is only the beginning. It is just as important to consider possibilities for saving and storing energy. Even the electricity supply grids will look different in the future. If our large power stations are to be replaced by small alternative electricity generators, then we need smart grid networks to cope with the situation. All these technical ideas must ultimately be considered against an economic and political background.

Technology for the environment

Almost all aspects of our daily lives could be made more environmentally friendly and this begins right at home. TU Wien is involved with energy efficient construction, with new, environmentally friendly building materials and with environmentally friendly buildings technology. Sociological aspects should not go unconsidered either – right up to planning ideas for complete towns or regions. Sustainable production processes can save energy and raw materials. New ideas for mobility should reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

How we handle our resources will be decisive for our future. Materials cycles must be closed. This also means not viewing waste as an unwanted burden, but as a valuable store of raw materials. TU Wien is working on environmental analysis methods, from the measurement of contaminants in the ground or in the air to satellite supported high water monitoring. The subject of water is of particular importance for TU Wien, with the maintenance of water purity being just as significant as hydro-engineering and flood protection.

Energy and Environment