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Research Focal Area Information and Communication Technology

Technology that Lets Us Talk to Each Other

Which developments will future generations regard as the decisive achievements of our age? Information and communications technology will certainly feature amongst them. Electronic data processing, mobile communications and the Internet have completely changed our lives and this revolution is still going on today.

TU Wien is extremely well equipped to make a significant contribution to this research focal area, which is of such great social and commercial significance. The focal area of "Information and Communications Technology" is of central interest to both the Faculty of Informatics and the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology faculty in particular. Whether in relation to mobile telephones or the internet, to fibreoptic cables or microchips – in many cases data transfer and data processing cannot be considered separately. Hardware and software must be drawn into the research together. Only a large research organisation like TU Wien can pursue these different topics together effectively.

Data and ideas networks

The theoretical basis of this research field lies in formal logic. Several decades ago it was still a purely abstract basic research field. Today, it drives the software industry. Powerful computers and rapid data transfer are continuously opening up new fields for research. Telecommunications must keep pace with increasing demands. Computer networks and large parallel computers must be planned and operated efficiently. The internet is still bringing us new opportunities and confronting us with fresh challenges, such as data security. The working relationship between people and computers is constantly changing, and virtual realities and visualisation technologies are being developed.

It is routine today for our computers to be networked worldwide. TU Wien is investigating how these networks might become denser and more comprehensive. Automatically communicating cars should make street traffic safer. Networked buildings and equipment should save energy. An "Internet of Things" is emerging. The world is networking, we are networking with it.