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Research Focal Area Quantum Physics and Quantum Technologies

Using the Quantum World for Technology

It is seldom understood just how deeply quantum technology is rooted in our everyday lives today. Microchips control our electronic devices, laser beams are used for information transfer and high- tech sensors make our lives safer. What was a few decades ago still fundamental academic research is now the basis of whole branches of industry.

Modern electrical engineering uses many aspects of quantum theory. Micro-electronic components are developed with knowledge gained from quantum research. Novel light sources are produced at TU Wien, such as special lasers in the terahertz range, that previously were barely technically achievable, or quantum cascade lasers that can be used for versatile sensor systems. Ultra-short laser pulses are opening up brand new possibilities for the investigation of the world of atoms and molecules.

Quantum research is also now essential for chemistry. Especially in the field of materials chemistry, quantum physics and chemistry are often merged seamlessly with each other.

From the basics to quantum technology

With spectacular scientific success in the field of quantum research, TU Wien continues to attract international acclaim. Atom chips enable deeper insight into atomic physics. A better understanding of quantum interference and quantum decoherence opens the door to possible new applications. Perhaps quantum information technology and quantum computers will one day be just as common as microchips and lasers.

Without a solid theoretical basis, further development of quantum technology is not possible. In theoretical and numerical quantum research, the achievements of TU Wien extend from computer analysis of experimental results, through large quantum theoretical computer simulations that have for a long time been essential for solid state physics, to the most fundamental and abstract questions that modern science has to pose, from areas such as quantum field theory, string theory or quantum gravity.