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Friday, 2017-11-17

The Future of Computing

Future of Computing Logo

Recently five international high potential professors started their research at the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien. Their research areas cover an extensive bandwidth within the discipline that plays a key role in our society. More

Friday, 2017-10-27

i²c STARTacademy 2018 – the Bootcamp 4 Scientists

Die Teilnehmer_innen der i²c STARTacademy 2017.

Identifying market opportunities for potential spin-out ideas coming from research More

Wednesday, 2017-10-18

VSC Training Courses: Parallel programming with MPI / OpenMP and parallel I/O

Want to boost your computer simulations by writing parallel code that runs efficiently on modern compute clusters? Join in for our courses in English and learn about parallel programming and how to do I/O efficiently on a supercomputer. More

Friday, 2017-10-06

IBPSA Distinguished Achievement Award for Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi

Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi

With this Award, Prof. Dr. Mahdavi has been recognized as a member of a select group of scholars in the field of building science, whose contributions have significantly advanced the state of pertinent knowledge. More

Monday, 2017-02-13

New record achieved in terahertz pulse generation

Juraj Darmo, Dominic Bachmann, Karl Unterrainer

A group of scientists from TU Wien and ETH Zurich have succeeded in their attempts to generate ultrashort terahertz light pulses. With lengths of just a few picoseconds, these pulses are ideally suited to spectroscopic applications and enable... More

Tuesday, 2017-01-10

New documentation: LINK - a radically innovative energy project

Dr. Albana Ilo

In this new documentation filmed by TU Wien and ENERGY TV24 you will find out more about the concept and how LINK works. At the same time, you will know the people behind the project. More

Tuesday, 2016-11-22

New Quantum States for Better Quantum Memories

Ein künstlicher Diamant unter dem optischen Mikroskop. Da der Diamant viele Stickstoff Fehlstellen enthält, fluoresziert er in roter Farbe.

How can quantum information be stored as long as possible? An important step forward in the development of quantum memories has been achieved by a research team of TU Wien. More

Monday, 2016-02-15

Honorary Doctorate for Professor Herbert Danninger

Alberto Molinari (Universität Trient), Rektor Juan Romo (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Herbert Danninger (TU Wien) (v.l.n.r.)

The Dean of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry was awarded the Honorary Doctorates of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. More

Monday, 2016-02-15

Chemically Storing Solar Power

Photochemische Zelle: Licht erzeugt freie Ladungsträger, Sauerstoff (blau) wird durch die Membran gepumpt.

A photo-electrochemical cell has been developed at TU Wien (Vienna). It can chemically store the energy of ultraviolet light even at high temperatures. More

Monday, 2016-02-01

I²c Networking Friday - Entrepreneurship & Innovation @TU Wien


The annual i²c Networking Friday concludes the 3 day commercialisation bootcamp for sciencepreneurs of TU Wien (#i²cStartAcademy). More

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