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The only legally binding version of the directives and regulations of the Technische Universität Wien is the German Version. The English version provided here is intended as a service (guide) for our international staff members and doesn't replace the German version.

§§26, 27 and 28 Universities Act 2002 (UG)               German

Admission procedure pursuant to §64 Abs.6 UG     German  

Apraisal Interview              German

Archives of the TU Wien - Guidelines for the Transfer of Documents to the Archives     German

Code of Conduct for cooperating with sponsors and donors           German

Declaration on data security          German

External guests: Application and reimbursment of travel costs     German               

Financial management Guidelines     German

 Measurements and Assessments         German

Plagiarism     German

Policy for Research Data Managment             German

Rules of Procedure of the Rector's Office     German

Scholarships - Award of promotional scholarships     German

Scholarships - Award of merit-based scholarships     German

Settlement for external guests           German

Theses - Writing of theses by publication     German

Theses - Electronic submission requirements     German

Travel Guideline     German  












updated on July 13th 2018 (HT)