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Obligation to Submit Contracts

All EU and other international research funding and associated contracts must be submitted to the EU Research Support (EURS) by the participating organisational units (“Organisationseinheiten, OE”) in timely manner (Guideline by the Rectorate) on §§ 26, 27 and 28 Universities Act 2002, UG 2002).

„Timely manner“ means that the EURS is part of the negotiation process from the beginning of the contract negotiations. Thus, the obligation to submit contracts also comprises draft contracts.
Budget calculations must be attached to the draft contracts.

Negotiated contracts must be submitted to the EURS 2 weeks before scheduled contract conclusion at the latest. The contracts to be submitted include amongst other things confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, grant agreements, consortium agreements and subcontracts.

If TU Wien is coordinator in an EU research project, the EURS supports the project leader in drafting the contracts. We support the institutes of TU Wien in the contract negotiation phase and review the draft contracts forwarded to us. Then you receive feedback on legal, financial and administrative issues and our ideas of improvement.

If the project budget of TU Wien or the total funding administered by TU Wien is more than € 350.000 or if the project duration is more than 36 months, the EURS seeks approval of the Vice Rector for Research. Only after this approval is the head of organisational unit allowed to sign.

Your contact:

Reviewing Grant Agreements with more than € 350.000 project share of TUW and/or project duration of more than 36 months:
Siegfried HUEMER, Tel -41553
Substitute: Verena DOLOVAI, Tel -41559

Reviewing Grant Agreements with a project share of TUW below € 350.000 and a project duration of up to 36 months:
Verena DOLOVAI, Tel -41559 and Sabine RAINALTER, Tel -41558

Reviewing Marie Sklodowska Curie Grant Agreements:
Ann-Christin KEHRBERG, Tel -41567
Substitute: Siegfried HUEMER, Tel -41553

Reviewing ERC Grant Agreements
Siegfried HUEMER, Tel -41553
Substitute: Ann-Christin KEHRBERG, Tel -41567

Drafting and reviewing all kinds of other contracts
Verena DOLOVAI, Tel -41559
Substitute: Sabine RAINALTER, Tel -41558