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FET - Future and Emerging Technologies in Horizon 2020

In Horizon 2020 FET Research is a specific funding line within „Excellent Science“ which supports unconventional and visionary thinking, which could question existing paradigms and give important impulses for radical new technologies.

Risky and long-term basic research in the field of new technologies should be made possible, the required knowledge base and infrastructure should be created and multi-disciplinary and international cooperation should be strengthened.

FET exclusively funds collaborative projects and in particular interdisciplinary projects to open new and promising fields of research, technology and innovation.

It is the aim of this funding programme to create a competitive advantage for Europe’s scientific excellence by radically using technology and to overcome huge social challenges.

There are three types of lines of action contributing to reaching the aim:

  • FET Flagships
  • FET Open
  • FET Proactive