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                     Architecture of WIT

fFORTE  - WIT – Women in Technology has become a role model for promoting women in science and technology at the Vienna University of Technology. The Vienna University of Technology together with the program fFORTE submitted this project to the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (bmwf) and it is put into practice for the next 4 years (2008 - 2011) at the 4 following faculties: Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

WIT is the project following the pilot project “Women’s Postgraduate College for Internet Technologies (WIT)”, which was initiated in 2003 at the Faculty of Informatics and had a scope of five years (2003 - 2007). The major difference between the two projects is that the new project is embedded in 4 faculties. 

The heart of WIT is the promotion and the employment of 2 female Ph.D. students in each of the 4 faculties. The 8 Ph.D. students have to pass a special Ph.D. programme, including a unique Ph.D.  Curriculum based on an international model (Curriculum). Furthermore they are involved in planning and arranging workshops for school girls and female students, which supports the creation of role models. A special offer of professional education should secure an interdisciplinary, scientific networking and sensitisation for women in technology. 

Project folder: Download

Duration of the project: 1st January 2008 – 31st December 2011 

Financing: Vienna University of Technology and fFORTE funds of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (bmwf)  

Aim: a sustainable increase of the number of women present in the scientific technological area