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Core of the project

                 8 female PhD students

The key element of the project "fFORTE WIT - Women in Technology" is its innovative PhD college.
Within the project duration from 2008-2011, two PhD students from each of the four participating faculties Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Informatics, Mechanical Engineering and Business Science and Technical Chemistry will follow their PhD projects within the framework of a curriculum.
The curriculum includes developing a PhD thesis, active involvement in the international scientific community, publishing research results, teaching at the department, acquiring so-called “transferable skills”. It also offers the PhD students an opportunity to take part in the mentoring programme.

Further information:  curriculum (in German and English) explanations on the curriculum (in English)

Projects for school and university students, in which the PhD students serve as role models, are a useful extension of this course.

Over the project duration from 2008-2011, the PhD college will serve as an example, and through multiple approaches it will practically demonstrate, that sustainable changes within the field of promotion of women need sustainable structures.