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Gender-sensitive language

Phrasing gender-sensitively means equality of women and men in language. It allows women and men to become equally visible in language, and to feel equally addressed. Below you will find some information on this issue: 

Legal aspects

Legal norms on linguistic non-discrimination are spread out over different codes and laws. The TU Vienna itself states in § 11 of its Action Plan for the Promotion of Women (in German) that “... in all documents, and where reasonable and feasible also in oral statements, either explicit female and male forms or gender-neutral terms have to be used.”

There is a good overview on gender-sensitive phrasing for the public administration on the site of the Working group for Gender Equality (in German).

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Scientific research

From cognitive science we have known for some time that it does make a difference when women and men are addressed explicitly. For further information, please see the article by Susanne Wagner (2002 – in German).

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