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What is Mentoring?

                  « Mentoring builds bridges »

Mentoring is an innovative instrument of human resources development and promotion of young talent. The basis of this strategy is a direct and exclusive relationship between mentee and her mentor. The mentor supports the mentee in develop her personality and expand her skills. In most cases, the mentor is older than the mentee, in any case s/he possesses knowledge and experience the mentee has not yet had opportunity to gain, and which the mentor transmits to the mentee in regular conversations. This form of counselling and support is called “mentoring”.

Mentoring implies exchange of experience, transfer of informal knowledge and contacts, individual counselling and feedback, career promotion, networking support. 

Mentoring programmes, originating in the USA, have gained amazing acceptance in Austria within a very short time, and have been used particularly for the promotion of women's careers in economy, science, education and politics for nearly ten years. Mentoring programmes do not only contribute greatly to the promotion of women. For businesses, participating in mentoring programmes is an efficient tool for the recruitment of female top executives. The Office for Gender Competence offers a variety of mentoring programmes. Basically, we aim to achieve two goals with them, namely promoting young female scientists' careers and promoting careers in business and industry.