Technische Universität Wien
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HR Administration (scientific staff)

Karlsplatz 13, A 1040 Vienna
Fax: +43 1 58801-41048
Office Hours Mo. - Fr. 8 - 12 Uhr 
Location: Karlsplatz, main building, 1. Floor     



  • Need analysis of human resources
  • Calculation of anticipated requirement and budgeting
  • Servicing the staff appointment scheme
  • Maintenance of department-internal forms
  • Data input and adaption in connection with TUWIS
  • Job advertisement for the academic staff
  • Administrative proceeding relating to appointment and employment of university professors, Assistants and other academic staff
  • Legal advices and information in relation to payment, insurance coverage, entitlement to holidays, maternity protection
  • Paying attention to and implementation of amendments of civil servant law, social insurance, retirement benefits etc.
  • Enquiry of pension valuation basis and execution of retirement
  • All in regard to withdrawal from the academic staff (e.g. severance payment, vacation compensation, stoppage of payments, personnel change notification to the social insurance etc.)
  • Leaving certifications issue