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Funding programme which supports early stage Researchers


Support for an ideal starting point

WINA+ stands for TU Wien’s two-year funding programme for young researchers in temporary substitute positions.

Customised skill development

WINA+ offers support in customised skill development during fixed-term employment. The development goals agreed upon with your supervisor form the basis of this.

Seminars, workshops etc.

As a participant, you gain exclusive access to the comprehensive forms of support and to all the seminars of the HR development programme, so that you are left in the best possible situation at the end of your fixed-term employment.

Special seminars

When it comes to fulfilling your individual needs, there are no compulsory seminars but rather suggestion that have proven successful with other participants.

The seminars available for the current semester can be found at

We can also, on request, organise seminars on special topics for your group.


Step-by-step coaching


In addition to your personal development in your own subject, the university-wide networking and interdisciplinary exchange is a significant component of the concept.

Four times within the two-year period, you meet with your colleagues in a group to share successful steps taken, achievements and challenges.


  • identifying and agreeing upon goals
  • academic work – formulating research questions
  • organisation and time management
  • career planning

Summer school

During the semester, there is often hardly enough time to deal with your own further education. Over the course of various seminars, you’ll tackle a series of relevant topic – a perfect opportunity for social interaction. You are welcome to attend.

Exclusive news and info

As a WINA+ participant, you receive a newsletter at least three times a year with the latest information and news about events, compiled especially for you.


WINA+ is aimed at all predoctoral research assistants at TU Wien

A contractual period of at least 2 years is required.

• Use TISS to register for WINA+ step-by-step coaching

• Plan your personal development goals with your supervisor as part of the yearly appraisal interview

• Let us know your desired seminars / your individual support needs

• Discuss your progress in the yearly appraisal Interview

Forms in english for the appraisal interview, which is the basis of the agreement you get here.

Application for WINA+ in TISS.

Newsletter WINA+

Approximately four times per year all WINA+ Members and interested get a Newsletter with information for young researchers.

Subscribing the Newsletter

Participating in in-house seminars on the following topics (recommended topics)

Cause we do not know what is perfect for you, students can choose some of these seminars by their own need.

1 st Year

  • Self- and time management (including individual time schedule)
  • Target-oriented work
  • Poster design and
  • Poster presentation (GER+EN)
  • Scientific writing basic (EN)
  • Scientific writing basic (GER)
  • Seminar for teaching (GER+EN)
  • German language course

2 nd  Year

  • Presentation techniques / rhetoric
  • Presenting in English
  • Conflict management / communication management
  • Project Management

3rd/4th year

  • Moderation techniques
  • Basic principles of management
  • Intercultural skills and diversity management
  • Strategic networking
  • Motivation / self-motivation
  • Career and life planning
  • Professional perspectives

If required:

  • Job application training
  • Individual coaching and CV check