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E011-01 - PR and Marketing

Herbert KreuzederVice Head, Study information+43-1-58801-41023
M: +43-664-605884123
Andrea TrummerProfessional team
Florian AignerScience
Christine Cimzar-EggerScience communication+43-1-58801-41021
Alba KenetaStudy
Gabriel WaringerStudy

E011-01 - Division of PR and Marketing
Resselgasse 3, 1040 Vienna
T +43-1-58801-41024
F +43-1-58801-41093
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Media contacts

Please use the following relations contacts for inquiries by the media only. To contact a TU Wien media relations professional by email, click the link next to the media relations professional's name. Journalists on deadline are advised to contact us by phone rather than email.

Bettina Kunnert (Press Officer, Public Affairs)
Phone: +43-1-58801-41025
Mobile: +43-664-4845028

Herbert Kreuzeder (Teaching, Studies, Head of Division PR and Marketing)
Phone: +43-1-58801-41023
Mobile: +43-664-60588 4123

Florian Aigner (Research)
Phone: +43-1-58801-41027

Christine Cimzar-Egger (Research)
Phone: +43-1-58801-41021