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Verification of the submitted Documents

Formality check

After receiving your application the Admission Office is verifying the existence and authenticity of the documents. If there are any formal irregluarities in the documents the Admission Office will inform you by post or e-mail.

If missing documents, translations etc. are not sent within the set deadlines, the admission at TU Wien is not longer possible. So follow the instructions of the Admission Office carefully!

General University Entrance Qualification

Next step is to verify, if the foreign certificate is basically equivalent to the Austrian secondary-school leaving certificate. In case the foreign certificate is not equivalent as to contents and requirements of an Austrian secondary-school leaving examination, supplementary examinations that are necessary to establish an equivalence are prescribed and shall be passed prior to admission as degree student.

If the foreign certificate is not equivalent, the admission at TU Wien is not possible!

Prescribed supplementary examinations like german, mathematics, chemistry and physics must be completed at the University Preparation Programme ("Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitäten - VWU"). Therefore you will get enrolled as non-degree-student. You have to pay the course fee.

NOTE! Applicants, who have to pass supplementary examinations, have to watch aditionally the deadlines for cours-registration to the University Preparation Programme! Read the relevant information here and on the Homepage of the University Preparation Programme very carefully!

The Admission letter

Your documents will be verified by the registrars of the Admission Office staff following receipt. If your application is complete and is submitted within the period prescribed, you will receive by post mail an admission letter from TU Wien. You will be also notified by post mail if the admission is not possible.

Read all received documents from TU Wien very carefully! They contain all of the necessary information! 

Supplementary examinations German, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

In this case you have to follow these steps.

Supplementary examination Descriptive Geometry

This proof is required for the bachelor's programmes Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Surveying and Geoinformation and Mechanical Engineering-Economics.

If the required proof was not provided, the supplementary examination in Descriptive Geometry must be taken during studying in the bachelor's programme, latest before completion of the bachelor's final examination.

TU Wien offers special courses in Descriptive Geometry.