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Reimbursment of the tuition fee

You have valid reasons for reimbursement of the amount payable to TU Wien if you have paid your tuition fee and one of the following applies:

  1. your application for remission of tuition fee was approved after you paid your tuition fee;
  2. you have paid excess tuition fee
  3. your tuition fee payment fell short of the prescribed amount, thus invalidating your admission to studies at the ViennaUniversity of Technology
  4. you have completed your studies or you have disenrolled from your studies at TU Wien before the end of the extended admission without taking any examination during the relevant semester, you may not have submitted any scientific work for evaluation and you may not have been admitted to studies at any other Austrian university;
  5. you paid tuition fee because you got your documents concerning your application for remission after the application periode for remission

Applications for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Admission Office before the following deadlines:

  • for the winter semester: the next 31st March
  • for the summer semester: the next 30th September



As a result of a change of the legal act regarding the tuition fee, the EMPLOYMENT as ground for a remission is only valid until the end of summer semester 2018. An application for reimbursement of the tuition fee with this ground of remission muss therefore be submitted until 30th June 2018.