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Remission of the tuition fee

Degree program students (except non-EU-nationals who are holders of an austrian residence title for students - "Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende") have the possibility to apply for remission of the tuition fee. Please note! Apart from the remission of tuition fee, you will always need to pay the students‘ union fee incl. insurance (€ 19.70 per semester) to continue your studies!

The application period for the summer semester ends with the admission periode (on April 30th summer semester and on November 30th for the winter semester). Please submit applications for a remission of tuition fees to the Admission Office.

All documents must be submitted as original documents or legalized copies. Documents issued in foreign languages must comply with the appropriate regulations with regard to translation and legislization.

The following statutory grounds are valid:

  1. The student was hindered in his/her studies by serious illness for at least two months during the respective semester or for at least two months during the respective semester due to pregnancy.(Documentation: written confirmation from a medical specialist)
  2. The student is the main person responsible for the care and upbringing of a child below the age of 7 years, or until the child enters first grade, living in the same household. (Documentation: Birth certificate and residence registration form (Meldezettel) of the child, residence registration form of the student and a sworn declaration that the student is the main person responsible for the care of the child)
  3. The student has a disability of at least 50% as defined by federal regulations. (Documentation disability pass issued by the Austrian social services officedisability)
  4. The student was enlisted for military service or compulsory social service for more than 2 months of the respective degree program or program phase. (Documentation: written confirmation from the relevant military command post or social service agent)
  5. The student is the recipient of a study grant pursuant to the Student Support Act (Studienförderungsgesetz, StudFG) 1992 in the current semester or the semester immediately preceding the current semester. (Documentation: Official notification letter from the Austrian Study Grant Authority - Studienbeihilfenbehörde)
  6. Study/internship during a mobility programme in Austria or abroad. (Documentation: confirmation of participation by the mobility programme)
  7. Stay abroad: due to mandatory participation by the curriculum. (Documentation: Confirmation by the dean office.)



If it is not possible to submit your application for remission of the tuition fee before October 31 or March 31, respectively, or in the case that valid grounds for a remission (e.g. illness, conscription to military or social service, or responsibility for the care of a child) occur at a later date during the respective semester, tuition fees must be paid. However, an application for reimbursement of the tuition fee must be submitted, accompanied by the documents named above, for the winter semester by March 31, and for the summer semester by September 30.