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Archival Fonds

The archival fonds comprise approximately 2500 shelf meters and cover a period of nearly 200 years, from the beginnings of the Polytechnical Institute in Vienna in 1815 up to the 1990s. Sub-fonds are:

- The records of the central administration (1815-1865 Director’s office, 1866-1975 Rector’s office, since 1975 University Director’s office and Rectorate), including the students’ catalogues,

- Faculty records,

- Records of institutes and other administrative and research units,

- Several collections, namely the so-called “Privilegiensammlung”, a collection of about 5.800 patent specifications issued by the Habsburg Monarchy between 1800 – 1850,

- a collection of pictures and photographs, mainly portraits of teachers and members of TU Wien and its predecessors, photographs of university buildings and other objects, and slides used for teaching purposes,

- a collection of maps and drawings,

- a collection of medals,

- a collection of publications issued by TU Wien and a reference library.

Finally, the Archives also keep a collection of personal papers of university members.