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Best Teaching Awards 2019

Aim of the Awards

Every semester almost 30.000 students take more than 2.000 lectures at TU Wien. TU faculty members do an amazing job that is the basis for the excellent reputation and worldwide success of TU Alumni. The awards and the festive award ceremony will put the teaching staff into the spotlight, who dedicate themselves to give our students the best possible education. 

“It’s the people who impart subject matters and make them tangible and understandable. I would like for the TU Wien to be a leading institution also in the way teaching is done, not only in research.” 

Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs 

You decide, with your nominations!

Who can be nominated? 

All lecturers of TU Wien who have held lectures in the last year of study can be nominated for a Best Teaching Award. External lecturers who have been nominated for a Best Teaching Award will be considered for the special award. 

It is not possible to nominate oneself. TU members involved in the organization of the Best Teaching Awards cannot be nominated. 

Who can nominate? 

All students and members of TU Wien are invited to nominate lecturers and lectures that were particularly outstanding in summer term 2018 and winter term 2018/19

Each person can carry out two nominations – one per category. 

Even though students experience the lectures first-hand, it is important to the Rectorate that teaching is considered from various angles. Therefore, all TU members are invited to nominate particularly committed faculty members. 

How does the nomination process work? 

The nomination is carried out after login in TISS in two steps. 

The first part of the nomination consists in explaining the reasons behind the nomination by describing the distinctive characteristics of the nominated person in a statement, as well as by stating (a minimum of two) examples to illustrate the grounds for the nomination. 

In the second part of the nomination, a short questionnaire needs to be filled out by students who have attended the courses of the nominated lecturer. The questionnaire will result in an individual strength profile which will be submitted to the lecturers along with the nomination statements. This profile will give concrete indications about the individual strong points that the students see in the lecturer. 

This profile covers various categories referring to aspects such as the lecturer or the team of lecturers, the didactical lecture-design, the student engagement in class, the contact with the students, learning results or feedback, as well as value added and benefit for the students or framework conditions of the lecture. 


The Best Teaching Awards will be bestowed in two categories per faculty: 

1. Best Teacher Award 

This award distinguishes particularly committed faculty members that offer outstanding teaching to students and who are able to create a fruitful learning environment for and with students. The nomination refers to the overall commitment of the respective lecturer and not only to a specific lecture. 

2. Best Lecture Award 

The Best Lecture Award distinguishes outstanding lectures carried out either by a team of lecturers or a single lecturer. This category focuses on lectures that have positively impressed students by the knowledge they have received, the didactic set-up of the class or through the particularly convincing team of lecturers. 

In total, 16 Best Teaching Awards will be bestowed.

Special Award

Only TU-internal faculty members can be awarded a Best Teaching Award as they often carry out their teaching responsibilities under particularly difficult conditions and have to juggle research, teaching and administrative tasks. 

To acknowledge the contribution of external lecturers to university teaching, the TUW will award a non-endowed special award to a particularly outstanding external lecturer. 

Selection of the award winners

The selection of the award winners will be made based on the nomination statements as well as on the number of nominations considering the size of the lecture(s) held. The overall result of the quantitative and qualitative submissions will determine the prize winners of each category at each faculty. 

The Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs will carry out the selection process with the support of the Office of Study-related Data and the Office of University Development and Quality Management. 

Prize Money

Each award is endowed with EUR 5.000 and can be used according to the guidelines. The special award is non-endowed.  Prizewinners of 2018 are excluded from the nomination and distinction in the same category in 2019.

The Best Teaching Awards 2019 are awarded with friendly support of the TU Wien alumni club

Timeline 2019

Nominations: April 1 - May 12, 2019 via TISS
Award Ceremony: Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm


If you have any questions about the Best Teaching Awards please contact us at