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Master programs


General Information on Master Programs

A master's programme is an accredited programme of study which serves to enhance and supplement students' scientific/academic training. Master's programmes at TU Wien generally last four semesters, corresponding to 120 ECTS.

Students holding a bachelor's degree from an educational institution other than TU Wien may be required to sit additional exams. For information on admission to a particular programme of study, please contact the appropriate dean's office for that programme. Although it is called a master's programme, students are granted the title of Diplomingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) upon successful completion of the programme. Students will receive certificates for this academic title in both German and English. The English version confirms that the title of Diplomingenieur is equivalent to a Master of Science (MSc).

Since 1 October 2006, all programmes at TU Wien (with the exception of Teacher Training) are offered as bachelor's or master's programmes, in accordance with the Bologna Process.


E 066 443 Master programme Architecture Curriculum  
E 066 444 Master programme Building Science and Technology Curriculum english

Civil Engineering

E 066 505 Master programme Civil Engineering Curriculum  

Biomedical Engineering

E 066 453 Master programme Biomedical Engineering Curriculum english

Electrical Engineering

E 066 504 Master programme Embedded Systems Curriculum  
E 066 506 Master programme Energy and Automation Technology Curriculum  
E 066 507 Master programme Telecommunications Curriculum english
E 066 508 Master programme Microelectronics and Photonics Curriculum  

Computer Sciences

E 066 645 Data Science Curriculum english
E 066 011 Double degree Master programme Computational Logic Curriculum    
E 066 931 Master programme Logic and Computation Curriculum english
E 066 932 Master programme Visual Computing Curriculum  
E 066 935 Master programme Media and Human-Centered Computing Curriculum english  
E 066 936 Master programme Medical Informatics Curriculum  
E 066 937 Master programme Software Engineering & Internet Computing Curriculum  
E 066 938 Master programme Computer Engineering Curriculum english  
E 066 950 Master programme Didactic for Informatics Curriculum  

Mechanical Engineering

E 066 445 Master programme Mechanical Engineering Curriculum  

Materials Sciences

E 066 434 Master programme Materials Sciences Curriculum  

Urban and Regional Planning

E 066 440 Master programme Spatial Planning Curriculum  

Technical Chemistry

E 066 490 Master programme Technical Chemistry Curriculum  
E 066 658 Master programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials Curriculum  

Technical Mathematics

E 066 394 Master programme Technical Mathematics Curriculum  
E 066 395 Master programme Statistics and Mathematics in Economics Curriculum  
E 066 405 Master programme Financial and Actuarial Mathematics Curriculum  

Technical Physics

E 066 460 Master programme Physical Energy and Measurement Engineering Curriculum  
E 066 461 Master programme Technical Physics Curriculum  

Chemical and Process Engineering

E 066 473 Master programme Chemical and Process Engineering Curriculum  

Surveying and Geoinformation

E 066 421 Master programme Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering Curriculum  
E 066 200 International Master programme Cartography Curriculum  

Business Informatics

E 066 926 Master programme Business Informatics Curriculum english

Mechanical Engineering - Economics

E 066 482 Master programme Mechanical Engineering - Management Curriculum