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Master programme Chemical and Process Engineering

Study Code E 066 473 - Chemical and Process Engineering (in German only)
Duration of Study 4 Semesters
Credits 120 ECTS

Master of Science
Academic Program in Course Catalog
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The Chemical and Process Engineering master's programme follows on from the bachelor's degree in Chemical and Process Engineering at TU Wien, however the programme can also be adapted for graduates of a range of other related bachelor's degrees.

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It is possible to choose between the following two areas of focus during the master's programme in Chemical and Process Engineering:

  • Plant and System Engineering
  • Chemical and Process Engineering

In the related optional modules, it is possible to specialise further in a particular subject of choice. In this regard, the following optional subjects have been established:

  • Design and Simulation of Chemical and Process Engineering Systems
  • Engineering Science
  • Fuel and Energy Technology
  • Design and Simulation of Energy Systems
  • Environment and Resources
  • Material Technology
  • Chemical Technologies

As the master's programme in Chemical and Process Engineering is an interfaculty programme, optional and compulsory modules from the master's programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Business Engineering/Mechanical Engineering and master's programme in Technical Chemistry can also be chosen as related optional modules to a limited extent.

The compulsory master's thesis is another opportunity to further specialise in a particular area.

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Study abroad and work placements

There is a well established network of universities available so that students of Chemical and Process Engineering can study abroad for one or more semesters. The modules taken during study abroad are counted towards your degree at TU Wien. Students can also go on advanced work placements at industrial establishments upon consultation with their tutor.

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Further information

Dean of Studies

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Hermann Hofbauer
T +43-1-58801-166300

Chairman of Curriculum Commission

Ass. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Alexander Reichhold
T +43-1-588901-166302

Student association

Fachschaft Maschinenbau
T +43-1-58801-49562

Getreidemarkt 9/1060 Wien
Maschinenbaugebäude (Bauteil BD) Erdgeschoß

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