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Mit Wirkung zum 01.10.2015 wurde Ewa Vesely zur neuen Vereinbarkeitsbeauftragten der TU Wien bestellt. 



Profile | Welcome to the information pages of TU Wien’s representative for family-work balance issues

Between lab and changing table
Austrian universities have developed different strategies to increase the number of women in research and science and keep them in academia in the long run. One of them has been to facilitate the reconciliation of job and childcare duties for women. Approximately twelve years ago, almost all universities introduced representatives for childcare issues and many institutions also established children’s offices. These initial measures undertaken by the universities focused mainly on facilitating the reconciliation of job and childcare.

In the course of time, this objective has changed. Today, reconciliation measures seek to support all genders equally*. With the increasing number of people who care for family members, the offer portfolio has been expanded as well: in addition to the measures to reconcile job and children – UniKid – the needs of staff members caring for their family members have been assessed. Many universities already offer information and counselling under the UniCare programme.

* (Care work is still mostly done by women, which is why measures to facilitate family-work balance are indispensable for reaching gender equality.)

Balancing research/job and care duties
Apart from an array of support offers for employees with childcare duties, TU Wien has been offering support measures for caregiving relatives to help them reconcile research/job and family already since 2013.
(Text: Ewa Vesely)

For questions, please contact the representative for family-work balance issues or the office TUKids&Care at TU Wien:

Representative for family-work balance issues
Ewa Vesely

c/o Argentinierstrasse 8/4th floor, 1040 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 58801 18504

In October 2015, TU Wien was the first Austrian university to appoint a representative for family-work balance issues, which is a requirement under the women’s promotion/gender equality plan. The representative for family-work balance issues offers support in confidential questions regarding reconciliation issues, coordinates the advisory board for TU Wien’s kindergartens, represents TU Wien in the best practice club “Family at Higher Education Institutions”, at the universities network UniKid-UniCare Austria and offers expert advice to the university management on the strategic orientation of reconciliation issues. Connecting TU Wien with national and international reconciliation offices is also one of the tasks of the representative for family-work balance issues.

Office TU Kids & Care
- a contact and service point 
Sonja Bigl, head of the office TU Kids & Care,

Karlsplatz 13, access via staircase 3, 2nd floor, 1040 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (0)1 58801 410864

In February 2016, the office compatibility was founded at the TU Wien, offering advice and support in questions regarding compatibility (such as childcare, caring for relatives). Moreover, the TU Kids & Care office is in charge of organising various events in the areas of childcare and compatibility. Find more information on the services offered by the office TU Kids&Care here. 

Further information

The website of the office TU Kids & Care features an overview of current childcare services, childcare during the summer months or on school holidays as well as holiday season workshops at TU Wien. Find out more about the family-friendly work environment at TU Wien on the website of the Vice Rector for Human Resources and Gender, Anna Steiger.

The internet platform UniKid – UniCare Austria offers information on childcare services and family-work balance experts at Austrian universities.

Family-work balance? Easier said than done! Caregiving duties and research have one thing in common: they demand a huge amount of flexibility . . .

In many cases, caregiving duties coincide with working hours. TU Vienna supports the flexibility of its employees, aiming at facilitating the reconciliation of professional and personal duties.

Apart from the possibility to work part-time, framework conditions have been set for telework and flexitime (for non-academic staff members).

For more information and details please consider our Road Map.

What other support measures does TU Wien offer to make it possible to balance university and family?

  • Organisation of childcare services
    • Events (meetings, conferences)
      Sometimes parents have to bring their children to a conference when there is no other caregiver available. TU Kids & Care supports parents and provides suitable childcare services for conferences whenever possible.
      Please contact: Sonja Bigl, head of the office TU Kids & Care, +43 664 60588 5852
    • Summer holidays, school holidays and semester holidays
      You can find an event calendar and a list of various offers on the website of the office TU Kids & Care.
      Please contact: Sonja Bigl, head of the office TU Kids & Care, +43 664 60588 5852


  • TU Care - Information and coaching for employees with caregiving duties.
    Under the motto “More than I can”, workshops and coaching seminars for and with employees of TU Vienna are organised on a regular basis. If you wish to be informed of dates and events, send an email to

  • Conference attendance
    Financial support (subject to budget availability) may be granted to employees to help cover an increased financial burden due to caregiving duties.
    Please send your requests to

  • TU Wien representative for family-work balance issues
    Ewa Vesely,
    Office hours: Friday,
    please call ahead +43 664 60588 5851

  • Childcare facilities affiliated with TU Wien:
    - KIWI TU kindergarten: Wiedner Hauptstrasse 9, 1040 Vienna
    84 spots for children aged 1 to 6
    Spots are allotted by the advisory board for TU Wien’s kindergartens.
    Further information: Claudia Unger, Tel: +43 (0)1 890 63 69 822 +43 664 851 74 71,

    - Crèche of the Union of TU Wien students: TUKS, Gusshausstrasse 24, 1040 Vienna, mezzanine, left side
    Further information: Barbara Desch,  Tel.; +43 (0)1 58801 49531


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