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Technology for People

Our mission is "technology for people". Through our research we "develop scientific excellence",
through our teaching we "enhance comprehensive competence".

TU Wien (TUW) is located in the heart of Europe, in a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. For more than 200 years, TU Wien has been a place of research, teaching and learning in the service of progress. TU Wien is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution.

Winzige Nanostrukturen erlauben ausgezeichnete Kontrolle über einzelne Elektronen.

A new kind of quantum bits in two dimensions


Combining two ultra-thin material layers yields new possibilities for quantum electronics. A research team with members from TU Wien presents strongly tunable quantum systems.

Pan-European Seal Traineeship Program – now open for applications!


Special traineeship opportunities for TU Wien Graduates at the European Patent office

Der aktuelle Zustand der einzelnen Grafikkarten wird beurteilt, dementsprechend wird die Last verteilt. [1]

Keeping GPUs young


Graphics processing units (GPUs) are used for many computationally intensive tasks. Their aging process can be slowed by clever management, as TU Wien (Vienna) and University of California (Irvine) have now shown.

Seminar am Forum Alpbach

Apply for the Alpbach Scholarship Programme


Scholarship applications are accepted until March 30, 2018

Michael Seifner (links) und Sven Barth (rechts)

Nanostructures made of previously impossible material


How do you combine different elements in a crystal? At TU Wien, a method has now been developed for incorporating previously unattainably high proportions of foreign atoms into crystals.