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Technology for People

Technology for People

Our mission is "technology for people". Through our research we "develop scientific excellence",
through our teaching we "enhance comprehensive competence".

TU Wien (TUW) is located in the heart of Europe, in a cosmopolitan city of great cultural diversity. For nearly 200 years, TU Wien has been a place of research, teaching and learning in the service of progress. TU Wien is among the most successful technical universities in Europe and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution.

links: die neue Methode; rechts oben: ohne Subsurface Scattering; rechts unten: mit Subsurface Scattering

New Methods for Realistic Surface Rendering in Computer Games


The surface of rendered objects in computer games often looks unrealistic. A new method creates much more realistic images, imitating the complex scattering processes under the surface.

QS Ranking by Subject 2015

QS: rankings success for TU Wien


The QS World University Ranking by subject area places the two largest fields of study at TU Wien in the top 100.

Langzeitversuche an der MedUni zeigen: Auch nach einem Jahr leistet das Blutgefäß noch gute Dienste. (Foto: Helga Bergmeister, MedUni Wien)

New material for creating artificial blood vessels


TU Wien and MedUni Vienna have developed artificial blood vessels, which are broken down by the body and replaced with its own tissue.

Leben wir in einem Hologramm?

Is the Universe a Hologram?


Describing the universe requires fewer dimensions than we might think. New calculations show that this may not just be a mathematical trick, but a fundamental feature of space itself.

Eva Sevcsik im Biolabor

Rafts on the Cell Membrane


Researchers from TU Wien (Vienna) shed light on a big secret of cell membranes: the “lipid rafts”, which have been believed to move within the cell membrane, do not really exist.